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Spring 2021

Human Centered Design Workshop: “Designing Innovative Solutions for Social Challenges”

CVP & GW Speaker Series: “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM”

CS Lecture: “The Magic of Immersive AR Experiences”

Festival of Animation

Fall 2020

CVP Speaker Series @ GW: “Women in Engineering: Charting the Path to Leadership”

WoWTalk ("What's Our Work") Seminar Series

Cybersecurity Across Borders Panel Discussion

CS Lecture: “Building A Lost City: An Interactive Story in VR about the Impact of Climate Change on the Ocean”

CSPRI Webinar: “Adversarial Machine Learning and Wireless Security for 5G and Beyond”

CS Event: Fall 2020 Festival of Animation

Spring 2020

Mentoring Presentation: “Mentors, Role Models, and Sponsors: How to Find One and How to Be One”

Lecture: “From Football Field to Battlefield: Accelerated Training in Mixed Reality”

Lecture: “Blockchain Technologies and Applications Concept, Initiatives, Status, Problems, and Potential Solutions”

CSPRI Talk (webinar): “DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and The Risk Management Framework (RMF) in Support of Government Agencies”

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

CSPRI Webinar: “Case Study of World's largest Cyber-Heist at Central Bank of Bangladesh”

Festival of Animation 2020

Fall 2019


Special Topic Lecture: Enterprise Security with Expanded Network Boundaries

CS Research Talk: Helping Users to Authenticate Securely

Panel Discussion: “Science Unscripted: Origins of the Internet”

CS Colloquium: “BurScale: Using Burstable Instances for Cost-Effective Autoscaling in the Public Cloud”

CS Lecture: “Using Virtual Reality to Inform Precision Medicine”

CSPRI Talk: “Cybersecurity for Connected and Automated Vehicles”

CVP Speaker Series @ GW: “Cybersecurity and Data Science: Partnering for the Future”


Spring 2019

Data Privacy Day Talk

NSF Innovation Corps Info Session

Panel Discussion: “Becoming an Entrepreneur: How to Harness Your Passion to Make Your Dream a Reality”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain and Smart Contracts: The Concept, Architecture, Services, and Applications”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain Computing: A New Era of Challenges and Opportunities”

CS Internet Distinguished Speaker Series: “Vint Cerf: The Unfinished Internet”

CS Colloquium: "Human Factors in Mobile Authentication"

CS Colloquium: "Trust and Accountability in Computer Systems"

CS Colloquium: "Workflow-Centric Tracing and Automated Diagnosis Tools for the Cloud Ecosystem"

CS Colloquium: “Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis”

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

CS Lecture: “The Basics of Recursive Programming”

CSPRI Talk: “IoT Security and TRUSTICA Framework”

ACM – CS Internet Distinguished Speaker Series: “How to (Not) Regulate the Internet”