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Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a highlight of your undergraduate experience, and GW Engineering encourages our students to expand their education globally. The majority of GW Engineering students study abroad during their 4th semester (spring of their sophomore year). However, computer science majors typically study abroad in their 6th semester (spring of their junior year). 

Properly preparing for a semester abroad is very important and will help you make the most of your time overseas. Because of the very structured nature of the various engineering and computer science curricula, you should have a clear understanding of the courses you need to take and where you can find them abroad. Students should work closely with their faculty advisors to map out their study abroad courses and your four-year plan.

Throughout the study abroad process, you will work with the Office for Study Abroad, your GW Engineering professional advisor, and your faculty advisor. 


Typical Program Deadlines

Based on past cycles the follow table provides approximate deadlines for planning purposes. However, exact deadlines will be available in Passport once the application cycle opens.

Program Name Typical Spring Deadline Typical Fall Deadline
Queen Mary, University of London mid-October mid-March
Korea University - Engineering early-September mid-March

University College Dublin

mid-September mid-April
University of Edinburgh mid-September mid-April
University of New South Wales - Sydney mid-September early April
Why should I study abroad?

There are unlimited reasons why you should study abroad while you are a student at GW! But some of the most valuable reasons include:

  • Broadening your firsthand experience with other worldviews
  • Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Gaining new insights and perspectives while building new relationships
  • Discovering new talents and career interests
  • Expanding your employment qualifications and opportunities
  • Engaging with engineering students in an international setting
Steps to Study Abroad

The entire - outbound from GW - study abroad process could be summarized into six main parts, 1) Initial Interest, 2) Application Process, 3) Commitment Process, 4) Before You Go, 5) While Abroad and 6) Returning to GW. Within each main part, there are certain required and recommended steps to take to ensure you move through the process smoothly and make the most of your time abroad. Students interested in or already applying and planning to study abroad should review the steps for a successful experience!

Additionally, it is important to note that GW Engineering students have two specific requirements that are included in the six parts of the GW study abroad process. This includes:

GW Engineering Undergraduate Advising Requirement
All GW Engineering applicants must meet with your faculty advisor to discuss all required courses that must be completed while abroad and complete the Undergraduate Advising Form for Study Abroad. To submit this form, you do not need to have all courses approved in CATS but must have a comprehensive plan that must be reviewed/signed. 

Note: An Undergraduate Advising Form for Study Abroad must be completed for each program you apply to as the course planning may be different.

GW Engineering CATS Requirement
Additionally, before you are fully eligible and commit to a study abroad program, you must have all required courses approved in CATS. This is to help to ensure that the required courses have been identified and keep you on track for graduation.

Note: In addition to having the course equivalency approve in CATS, it is important for you to confirm that course is offered during the term you plan to attend that program. Traditionally, this information can be found on the university/colleges website in which you are planning to attend but do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] for support.

Visit the GW Study Abroad Steps to Study Abroad website for more detailed information outlining each step in the process.

Who do I talk to about studying abroad?

Visit the Office for Study Abroad (OSA) at 2127 G St NW.

OSA Advising Services can assist you with:
  • Discussing program types, location, and culture abroad
  • How to narrow down programs and discussing your goals in relation to studying abroad
  • Tier structure/financing study abroad and scholarship opportunities
  • How to transfer credits back to GW
  • Application information and deadlines

The Office for Study Abroad offers various types of advising services to assist students in their search for a program, application process, pre-departure preparations, transfer credit process and beyond. Our services are meant to build off of each other to help walk students through the overall process. Our office recommends beginning your advising journey with our peer or express services, before diving deeper into the steps to study abroad with your main Study Abroad Advisor

Your GW Engineering Faculty Advisor can assist you with:

  • Reviewing your degree requirements needed for you semester abroad
  • Discuss alternative and back-up for courses while traveling abroad
  • Must review and sign your GW Engineering Undergraduate Advising Form for Study Abroad before it can be submitted for processing


Your GW Engineering Professional Advisor or Dean’s Fellow for Study Abroad can assist you with

  • Discussing typical Study Abroad locations and timeframe for your major
  • Finding resources for the course approval process



Where can I study abroad?

There are a number of GW-approved ExchangeProviderGW Study programs that offer potential study abroad options for GW students. You can explore a full list of your study abroad program options in GW Passport. However, as a GW Engineering student the program must be at an institution that offers the required courses for your major during the semester in which you plan to go abroad.  Examples of programs in which GW Engineering students have studied in the past include:

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Group of students
GW Engineering Core Program: Korea University College of Engineering
Students in front of a GWU-KU banner

The GW School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Korea University’s College of Engineering in Seoul, South Korea have partnered together to support a special exchange opportunity for undergraduate students studying engineering or computer science. Through a generous donation from Simon and Anna Lee, GW Engineering students who attend this program are eligible for a stipend.

Students selected for this program are notified about the stipend once they have committed to attend.  To learn more about the program, visit the Korea University page on the GW Office for Study Abroad’s website.

All students interested in applying to study abroad at Korea University will work with the Office for Study Abroad to open the Korea University application in GW Passport.



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