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Jane Goodall standing in a research lab



Students explaining their defense against the attacks

Demonstrating Proficiency in the Defense of Autonomous Systems

CS students in the Secure Autonomous Systems course were tasked with designing and launching security attacks against an autonomous rover that they presented on May 10 in the Science &...

W. Scott Amey

Young People Make History and It’s Our Job to Support Them

The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science is excited to welcome W. Scott Amey, M.S. ‘75 as the 2024 GW Engineering graduation celebration speaker.

Students at the Festival of Animation in the Lehman Auditorium

Digital Brilliance on Display at 2024 Festival of Animation

The latest Festival of Animation, held on May 3, 2024, involved 100 students and highlighted their work from five participating computer science courses such as Computer Graphics and Augmented...

Juniors Si Ming Zhou, Siah Wee Hung, and Khoo Yong Hui working on their hackathon project

Eye Gaze Tracking Prototype Clinches Responsible Design Award at Medical Solutions Hackathon

Juniors Si Ming Zhou, Siah Wee Hung, and Khoo Yong Hui integrated advanced eye gaze tracking technologies into an innovative extended reality solution that improves care for disabled patients.

Students presenting research

Empowering Innovation for Positive Change: Be Part of IEEE GHTC 2024

Join fellow students and researchers October 23 through 26, 2024, virtually or in person at Villanova University for the 14th annual IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference! Submissions are...

Students at hackathon

From Hoops to Algorithms: Using Machine Learning to Select the Perfect Bracket

The CS Department and IT Concepts, Inc. cosponsored the AI/ML Bracket Challenge where GW Engineering students used artificial intelligence and machine learning to pick better March Madness Brackets.

Professor Pless Aids in Harnessing LLMs to Support Community Health Workers in Nigeria

In a project funded by the Gates Foundation, professor Robert Pless is supporting research on how AI, and LLMs in particular, may be integrated into the workflow of community health workers in...

Undergraduate students learning

Calling All Future Computing Researchers: Learn More About UR2PhD!

For GW Engineering undergraduate students looking to make their impact on the computing research field, check out the Computing Research Association’s Undergraduate Research to PhD Program!

Professor Robert Pless Among 2024 LAS Collaborators

Professor of Computer Science Robert Pless was one of 22 faculty collaborators selected to receive research funding from the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) at NC State University this year.

Dr. Costis Toregas

Bolstering Artificial Intelligence Workforce Development

On January 17, Dr. Costis Toregas provided his thoughts on the challenges facing the U.S. in creating an AI-ready workforce and recommended strategies for addressing them in the future to a House...