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Students at hackathon

From Hoops to Algorithms: Using Machine Learning to Select the Perfect Bracket

The CS Department and IT Concepts, Inc. cosponsored the AI/ML Bracket Challenge where GW Engineering students used artificial intelligence and machine learning to pick better March Madness Brackets.

Professor Pless Aids in Harnessing LLMs to Support Community Health Workers in Nigeria

In a project funded by the Gates Foundation, professor Robert Pless is supporting research on how AI, and LLMs in particular, may be integrated into the workflow of community health workers in...

Undergraduate students learning

Calling All Future Computing Researchers: Learn More About UR2PhD!

For GW Engineering undergraduate students looking to make their impact on the computing research field, check out the Computing Research Association’s Undergraduate Research to PhD Program!

Professor Robert Pless Among 2024 LAS Collaborators

Professor of Computer Science Robert Pless was one of 22 faculty collaborators selected to receive research funding from the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) at NC State University this year.

Dr. Costis Toregas

Bolstering Artificial Intelligence Workforce Development

On January 17, Dr. Costis Toregas provided his thoughts on the challenges facing the U.S. in creating an AI-ready workforce and recommended strategies for addressing them in the future to a House...

Dr. Adam Hughes giving his talk

Colloquium Illuminates Opportunities and Challenges for Software Developers in 2024

GW's Departments of Computer Science and Physics collaborated to offer a joint colloquium on February 16 when they welcomed GW alum Adam Hughes to give a talk titled, “Why you should be excited to be...

GW Engineering community members at CESUN's 9th International Symposium

Solving the Latest Challenges in Engineering Systems

GW Engineering was well represented at CESUN’s 9th International Symposium, including conference leadership by faculty members from the EMSE Department and a presentation of cross-disciplinary...

Members of GWUSEC in the lab

Using Lived Experience to Study Security and Privacy Concerns Among US Immigrants

In a recent study, a team of researchers from the GW Usable Security and Privacy Lab investigated the intertwined roles of information, security, privacy, and safety through the process of obtaining...


TRAILS AI Institute Initiates Groundbreaking Research with Inaugural Seed Grants

The eight funded projects, totaling just over $1.5 million, will advance cutting-edge research and scholarship that spans AI design, development, and governance.

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Moving Beyond an App-centric Approach to Support Vulnerable Populations' Privacy

In a new grant, Dr. Lucy Simko and Yasemin Acar from GW Engineering will work alongside researchers from George Mason University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Michigan to tackle...