Undergraduate Research

A broad range of research opportunities for SEAS undergraduate students exists, both within our own SEAS labs and with faculty in other GW schools.  We encourage undergraduate students to seek out these opportunities by talking to their professors and to upperclassmen already engaged in research.  A good way to begin is by learning the labs that exist at SEAS.  The links below will help; they are sorted by major and area of research.

Tips for Finding Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research experiences offer the chance to learn first-hand, in collaboration with professors, how new knowledge is generated. There are many ways to get involved in research at GW:

Transcript Notation for Undergraduate Research Experiences

This program allows undergraduates to highlight non-credited research experiences on their official GW transcript. The transcript notation recognizes important experiential learning and gives future degree programs and employers a more complete picture of a student’s background and interests. Contact [email protected] with questions about this opportunity.
For more information about the transcript notation process and to submit a request click the button below:

Transcription Notion Webpage

Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research (SUPER)

The Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER) is a summer research fellowship for SEAS undergraduate students. SEAS undergraduate students interested in getting involved in research over the summer should contact a faculty member whose research interests align with their own to learn more about their work and to explore opportunities.

SEAS Student Research and Development Showcase

The SEAS Student Research & Development Showcase was founded in 2007 to help foster the growth of research development and entrepreneurship at SEAS. More than 120 students compete in this annual, school-wide R&D competition, presenting research posters and vying for prize money from our sponsors. SEAS encourages our undergraduate students to enter and learn from the competition. Visit the SEAS Student R&D Showcase website to learn more information.