DESIGNED FOR YOU:  We have an academic program for you, whether it’s an undergraduate major or minor, a graduate degree, or one of our Gateway to Computer Science programs.



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Undergraduate Program: Building Your Foundation for the 21st Century



The field of computing impacts a wide range of technical and non-technical disciplines, and the department's academic programs reflect this. We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science, five-year combined Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and options for second majors, minors, and non-major courses. 

B.A. vs. B.S. Program: Which one is right for me?

B.S. in Computer Science  B.A. in Computer Science

Five-year combined B.S./M.S. program


I want to learn about computing in the 21st century but don't want a B.A. or B.S.: What options do I have?

Second major, Non-major, and Minor



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Graduate Programs: The Next Step



The department offers Master of Science programs in computer science, applied computer science, cybersecurity in computer science, and data analytics. Our graduate offerings also include a Ph.D. program in computer science and two graduate certificate programs.


M.S. in Computer Science  M.S. in Cybersecurity in Computer Science 

M.S. in Data Analytics  M.S. in Applied Computer Science (online) 

Certificate: Gateway to Computer Science (online)  Certificate: Computer Security & Information Assurance 

Ph.D. in Computer Science



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