JEDI Faculty Instructional Resources

One important responsibility of the JEDI Committee is to make policy recommendations to the faculty. Such recommendations are informed by faculty and student voices and aim to improve the justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion of the department in various ways. Once written and approved by the JEDI Committee, one way that such recommendations are distributed is making them publicly available to faculty and students.

We appreciate input from students and faculty alike for ways to improve these recommendations.


Office Hours Policies

Above are some suggestions for making office hours more inclusive by offering group and private office hour times, and utilizing a sign-up sheet to facilitate fair access to TA resources.


JEDI Syllabus Statements

Above are some suggestions for including a syllabus statement that addresses issues of diversity and inclusion, as well as some guidelines around what discrimination incidents are and how students and faculty can seek out resources for these situations.


UTA/LA Feedback – TBA 

Above will be some suggestions for obtaining feedback from students about UTA/LAs in your courses that focus on issues of inclusion.


Groupwork Policies – TBA

The JEDI Committee is aware that there are concerns about how groups are formed, and how groups function in classes. This is a challenging issue as it represents many trade-offs. We are working on this issue, and continue to welcome feedback from students and faculty.

Above will be some suggestions for making groupwork more inclusive.


Class evaluation assessment

Note that the end-of-semester evaluation form filled out by students includes questions about the inclusivity and bias of each class.


Additional recommendations are forthcoming on topics including but not limited to 

  • Academic honesty syllabus statement;
  • Assignment deadline and exception policy.