New Student Experience

Each academic year, the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Advising team and the SEAS Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN) mentors assist first year students with their transition to GW/SEAS through a series of orientation events called the New Student Experience (NSE). This includes a day trip commonly referred to as the New Student Getaway (NSG).

Fall 2021 Program Dates

August 7 - 14 

Ready, Set, Success

A series of virtual events to help get you ready for your first year in SEAS.

Monday, August 23  

Explore DC/SEAS

Discover both DC and SEAS through in-person activities alongside
your fellow classmates and mentors.

Tuesday, August 24  

The New Student Getaway

A fun getaway with your new friends, mentors, faculty, and staff!

Friday, August 27  

The Future is Yours

A small group in-person meeting with your advisor to discuss
resources to support your plans for your first year.

For more information about the virtual events, in-person activities, New Student Getaway, and the success workshop, see our New Student Experience webpage linked below:

New Student Experience

New Student Getaway

The New Student Getaway will take place on Tuesday, August 24.

Program Cost and Registration

There is no cost to SEAS first year students participating in the New Student Getaway, but students are required to register in advance to participate in our trip to River Riders. You will receive an email in early July to register for this event - please check your GW email regularly!

What to Bring

In order to help you be ready for the New Student Getaway we have prepared this checklist (pdf). If you have any questions about what to bring do not hesitate to reach out to your individual mentor and/or SEASSPAN at [email protected].


Check out our FAQs below or email the SEAS Undergraduate Advising team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who organizes and leads the New Student Experience?

The SEAS Office of Undergraduate Student Services and Advising and the SEAS Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN) coordinate all activities associated with the New Student Experience.

How will I be contacted / updated throughout the summer?

The SEAS Office of Undergraduate Student Services and Advising and the SEAS Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN) will be reaching out to you via email through the summer. 

Is the SEAS New Student Experience mandatory?

As an incoming student in SEAS, you should plan to participate in the SEAS New Student Experience including the New Student Getaway (NSG). All events including the Getaway will allow you to get to know your classmates, mentors, faculty and staff before you begin classes in the fall as well as get important insights about GW, SEAS, and DC!

All virtual and in-person events will have registration dates to ensure that we can track and prepare appropriately for the event. This holds especially true for the New Student Getaway on Tuesday, August 24 which requires advance registration. To participate in the New Student Getaway, please complete your registration by Sunday, July 18, 2021. Registration information will be sent directly to your GW email. 

If you have any concerns or are unable to attend, please contact us at [email protected] by or before the registration deadline.

What are the COVID-19 Guidelines for New Student Experience?

Our COVID-19 policies will align with the university’s guidelines. Everyone participating in the New Student Getaway must have received their last vaccine at least 2 weeks before they move in in August, aligned with the university policy. Increased hand washing and sanitizing and other cleaning methods will be required. In addition, our outfitter has established COVID-19 policies.