Undergraduate Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

Choose Your CS Path!

A degree in computer science opens a diverse set of pathways for your future. GW's Department of Computer Science offers a variety of programs customized to your interests. 

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science:
Our B.S. program offers you depth and focus in computer science. You'll gain deep experience in programming and algorithmic problem solving, culminating in a year-long eight-credit senior design project that closely models "industrial-strength" project development. At the same time, you'll gain a general education with the breadth of courses available to you acress the university, as well as strength in mathematics and science. 

Bachelor of Arts: 
Our B.A. program offers you the opportunity to pursue your varied interests side-byside with a CS concentration. This program will provide a solid foundaton in CS, with lots of room in the curriculum for a second major or two minors drawn from across the university. 

5-year Bachelor/Masters degree: 
Already looking ahead to a masters? Our B.S. and B.A. programs can be combined with a Master's degree in computer science or data analytics for students who are ready to take their education further. 

SEAS offers a program that allows students with a B.S. in eligible majors to complete the M.S. in computer science.

Majors, Minors, and Courses for Non-majors

Second Major:
Not sure if computer science should be your focus? Computer Science@GW provides pathways for you to study the field as a second major to most GW programs.

Any GW student who is not studying computer science as a major can elect to study it as a minor to complement your degree program studies.

Courses for Non-Majors: 
If you don’t want to major or minor in computer science but you do want to learn more about the computing technologies on which our society is increasingly dependent, we recommend that you consider these courses.  Most of them do not require computer science prerequisites. 

Transfer Credit Courses:
After matriculating to GW, undergraduate students who wish to take courses outside of GW (e.g. Summer) will use a Transfer Credit Approval form. Students must receive prior approval in order to transfer the credits. To obtain approval from a faculty member in Computer Science for CSCI courses, students should email [email protected] with the Transfer Credit Approval Form and copy of the course syllabus. 

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