Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee

The GW Computer Science Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee was formed in 2022 in response to student demand for progress in JEDI issues. The committee has equal faculty and student representation, with three faculty members and three student members. 

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 JEDI Student Resources

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December 2022 Annual Report Published (June 2022)
November 2022 Second JEDI Town Hall is held
April 2022 JEDI Committee web pages go live on the CS Department website, including initial policy suggestions by the committee, and the first JEDI town hall is held.
March 2022 Faculty vote unanimously to form a JEDI Committee.
March 2022 Students accumulate student opinion and propose constructive ways to improve the Computer Science Department in JEDI related issues, including recommending the formation of a standing department committee.



Initial members were selected by the unanimous decision of the student authors of the inclusivity proposal that first recommended the formation of such a committee. This was done to prioritize efficiency and productivity with strong intention to make a public application available to all students to fill the positions for next year which will be selected with strong preference for diversity and representation of the whole student body as specified in committee bylaws below.

Fall 2022

Annual Reports

Annual Report June 2022

Purpose, Charter, Bylaws

The JEDI Committee fulfills the following purpose:


The GWCS JEDI Committee’s purpose is to support a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning and working environment for all Computer Science Department faculty, staff, residents, and students regardless of age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language, religion, spiritual practice, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, introversion/extroversion personality dimensions, and socioeconomic and mental/physical status.


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