Course Registration Information

Computer Science No Longer Uses RTFs or RTF-EZs.


Need Help Registering for a CS Course?

1. Click on the semester you are trying to register for below.

2. The browser you use to access the form must be logged into your GW email only. If you are logged into another email address, in the same browser, you will not be able to access the form.

3. Complete and submit the form.

4. CS Operations Staff will contact you as soon as possible. In most cases staff will respond the same day or next business day. Please understand that during times when there are a high volume of students registering for courses a response may take longer. 


Important Computer Science Specific Course Registration Information

Due to the high demand on our courses, Computer Science manages enrollment in all courses centrally. What this means for students who are prevented from registering for a particular CS course is that they should always fill out the CS Registration Issues Form as a first step.

Fill out the CS Registration Issues Form If You:

  • Want to register for any research course section taught by a CS faculty member.
  • Are receiving the major restriction notification in error.
  • Need instructor approval.
  • Have taken the prerequisite, but the system does not recognize it. (Note that students who have not taken a prerequisite are not typically allowed into a class.)
  • Need to be allowed in over-the-cap of a course, because you need the course to graduate on time. (Note that we do not generally allow students over the cap, unless there is an important reason for doing so.)