SEAS Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN)

The School of Engineering and Applied Science Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN) is a student leadership organization comprised of approximately 30 carefully selected mentors who help incoming first year students transition to SEAS. The mentors come from various backgrounds and have unique interests that help to complement the diversity of the freshman class. They act as liaisons to the SEAS administration, are part of the SEAS Summer Orientation program, help to coordinate the New Student Getaway, and support the integration of new students into the SEAS community. Additionally, the mentors assist new students moving into their residence halls, help answer questions about SEAS, plan engaging programs throughout the year, and introduce new students to the GW campus.


SEASSPAN Executive Board

The SEASSPAN executive board for the 2021-2022 academic year is:

President: Alyssa
Vice President: Cale
Events Committee Chair: Victoria
Operations Coordinator: Michael

Meet the Mentors


SEASSPAN President
Computer Science - Senior

I am from a small town in Indiana – and I am your SEASSPAN President! You can find me in SEH doing work or catching up with friends. If I am not there, I am out exploring the great city of DC, taking long walks along the waterfront of Georgetown, or grabbing food with my friends! I am a huge fan of photography, taking trips to museums or staying in to watch my favorite crime documentary. On behalf of all the 2021-2022 SEASSPAN mentors, we are so excited to meet you all and welcome you to the wonderful GWU and SEAS.



SEASSPAN Vice-President
Mechanical Engineering - Senior

I am from the quaint town of Madison, CT – and I am your SEASSPAN Vice President! You can most likely find me working in the SEH High Bay on the GW BAJA off-road vehicle or pulling late night study sessions with friends by the Green Wall. If I am not busy studying for classes, then I am probably running by the National Mall, binge watching Modern Family, or playing Forza Horizon with my friends. I am also a huge Formula 1 Racing fan - I can talk about the sport and history for hours! We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming year, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to the SEAS community! 



SEASSPAN Events Committee Chair
Computer Science - Junior

Hello! My name is Tori and I’m from Coventry, RI. If I am not listening to music or playing guitar, you can find me reading, drawing, doing something outdoors like skiing, running, or hiking. My favorite things to do around DC include finding cute places to eat around campus or Georgetown, monumenting with friends, or scootering! I am also crazy obsessed with dogs and discovering new things to put on my bucket list. If you find anything I should try, let me know!



SEASSPAN Operations Coordinator
Biomedical Engineering - Junior

I’m from the home of Del’s Lemonade, party pizza, and coffee milk.  You probably didn’t guess it, but it’s Rhode Island!  When I’m not studying in SEH, or more accurately pretending to study, you can catch me swimming, going on runs to the monuments, and eating way too much &pizza. I’m always looking for places to explore and new things to do around the city, so talk to me if you want a recommendation or have a suggestion of something I should try. I’m also a big MCU buff and am fully ready to debate with anyone about character or movie rankings (if  Winter Soldier isn’t in your top 5, we’ve got issues). I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone to DC and GW!



Mechanical Engineering - Senior

I'm Alex from Bethesda, MD. My interests include photography, motorsport, and competitive rock climbing! If you need to find me, stop by the SEH Highbay or machine shop; I'll be there all day. Can't wait to meet you guys!



Systems Engineering - Senior

I am from Arizona, the land of Cacti, (yes, it snows Arizona!) I spent a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland Spring 2020 and would love to talk to you about going abroad! I enjoy spending my time outdoors and taking in the beauty of DC. You can probably find me in Georgetown looking for a good dessert, gossiping about the latest episode of the Bachelor, stopping to pet every dog I pass, or running the National Mall. I am looking for new places and things to see, so feel free to tell me about your favorite places to explore!



Mechanical Engineering - Senior

I am from Fairfax, VA (NOVA SQUAD rise up) y soy Chileno (Chi-chi-chi-le-le-le Viva Chile!). You would most likely find me in SEH studying, doing work, watching sports, or just talking to friends. I love my dalmatian, King, playing basketball and football with friends, and going on hikes. Welcome to SEAS and I can’t wait to meet you all!



Biomedical Engineering - Junior

Hi everyone! My name is Aman (said like give me Uh-Min). I’m from a small town right outside Philadelphia. If I’m not cramming for an exam I’m probably at improv rehearsal, taking some pictures, or at another theater-related event. I enjoy photography, hiking, and my cats. I also love baking so if I’m feeling generous there might be some cupcakes or muffins coming your way :) Welcome to SEAS!



Biomedical Engineering - Junior

Hey guys! I'm originally from Fairfield, CT but now D.C. is my home. You’ll usually find me in SEH studying or running around to a million org meetings. I’m involved in Alpha Omega Epsilon, E-Council, BMES, IEEE, and SWE. If you see me before 10 AM without Starbucks in my hand, check my pulse. I’m super into staying active in any way I can, drinking bubble tea, and discovering new music, so if you have any recommendations hit me up. On the weekends, I love visiting any museum, monument, or DC site I haven’t been to already!



Biomedical Engineering - Junior

I’m from Westchester, NY (and no that’s not upstate lol) and I’m a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon (AOE), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), SEASSPAN, and the Clark program. I LOVE exploring and trying new things, foods, activities, and places (so if you have any suggestions HMU). In my free time I love to eat, sleep, hang out with friends, shop online, bake, paint, intensely watch Tik Toks (may have an addiction), watch anime, and play with makeup. Besides all that, I can’t wait to meet you guys!!



Civil Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from Damascus, Maryland and I absolutely love hiking, monumenting at night, and painting along with Bob Ross tutorials. If you ever need good food recommendations or a buddy to explore DC with let me know!! I can’t wait to meet you all this fall 



Biomedical Engineering - Senior

I am from Arlington, Virginia and even though I’ve lived in the DMV for 10 years, I was still excited to see what GW would bring when I chose to go to school so close to home. I never get over being in the city but I also love a change of scenery so I often go hiking in different parts of VA in my free time. In addition to SEASSPAN, I’m also part of our school’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. I can’t wait to meet you all, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything! 



Biomedical Engineering - Senior

I look forward to being your mentor or someone that you can talk to. My passions include working out, and I will always be up for a recreational game of basketball or volleyball. Although I always keep myself busy, I enjoy playing video games in my downtime and am a pretty chill person once you get to know me.



Computer Science - Senior

I've been here my entire life. I enjoy baking, sleeping, and exercising and I love to watch cartoons, talk about basketball, and play video games with my friends. If you're ever looking for me I spend a lot of time in District Basement and SEH eating and doing homework. I'm very enthused to meet all of you and I hope you all have an amazing first year!



Mechanical Engineering - Senior

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Northern Jersey. I love to play low stakes poker games, talk politics or history, and go rock climbing whenever I can. I am also an amateur fan of chess and follow Premier League Soccer. I’m looking forward to meeting you all this fall!



Mechanical Engineering - Senior

Hey guys! I am from Westchester, NY and before you ask, no that is not upstate. I absolutely love my dog, but he doesn't like me (and that’s okay). I enjoy playing tennis when the weather is warm and taking long walks around DC. You will most likely find me eating on campus somewhere or hanging out at Lincoln. I’m always down for a good adventure so please don't hesitate to reach out!



Systems Engineering - Junior

Hello! I’m Eliese and I’m a junior and a systems engineering major, with a math minor. I’m from a small town called Hopewell which is in central NJ (yes, we exist). I love to bake, run by the tidal basin, and explore new places around the city! You can also often find me in the machine shop in SEH, studying somewhere in the sun, or on the hunt for nature in DC.



Computer Science - Sophomore

Hi! I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I love being here in DC! When I’m not studying, you can probably find me biking around the city or going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole about something completely random. I’m so excited to meet you all in the fall. Welcome to SEAS!



Civil Engineering - Junior

Hi everyone, I’m Evalyn! I’m from Hunterdon County, NJ and I cannot express enough how much I love being in Washington DC! A few of my favorite things to do in the city include walking on the mall, going to museums, and going to bookstores! On campus you can most likely find me getting coffee or procrastinating in SEH. I love classic rock music and my favorite shows are Community, Brooklyn 99, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. If anybody has any questions about getting involved with research or just needs a terrible dad joke, feel free to come talk to me. Until then I can’t wait to meet all of you!



Systems Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from Westchester, NY (no, it’s not upstate and yes, that’s a Dallas Cowboys hat). If I’m not hunkered down studying, you can find me throwing around a frisbee on the National Mall or exploring new places to eat across DC. Outside of SEASSPAN I’m a member of INCOSE and Camp Kesem GW. Don’t be afraid to reach out and welcome to SEAS!



Computer Science - Junior

I am from San Diego, CA where I have lived all of my life. I love sports, and some of my favorite professional teams include the San Diego Padres and the Sacramento Kings. I also like to play tons of golf and basketball. As I’m sure you can see from the picture above, flying is one of my favorite hobbies when I get the time. If you ever want to talk or jokingly debate about anything, I’ll gladly be there! I’m super excited to meet you all and start this great journey together!



Systems Engineering - Sophomore

I am an international student from Beijing, China. I speak both Mandarin and English fluently. I love exploring the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) for restaurants, hiking places, and music stores. I also like traveling around the world and learning about different cultures. Before I moved to DC, I spent two years in Grand Rapid, MI, and graduated from a high school there. I picked up piano about seven months ago and I became a big fan of Billy Joel and Bob Dylan. I am very much looking forward to being your SEASSPAN mentor this year! I am always down for a good adventure so don’t hesitate to reach out!



Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

I am from Queens, NY (yes, where Spiderman is from). I’m a huge Yankees fan, so if you are looking to talk baseball, I can talk with you forever. I’m in Naval ROTC and I swim and (try to) run. You can always catch me blasting my music, while believing my music taste is absolutely unmatched. I was lucky enough to be on campus in the second semester of my freshman year, so I can tell you all about how different my first experience of college was. Definitely reach out if you need anything!



Computer Science - Sophomore

I’m from Shaker Heights, OH (like in Little Fires Everywhere). Although I don’t like coffee, you can always catch me drinking tea from Starbucks while I work. When I’m not busy studying for my classes I am probably out doing my best not to fall off of my skateboard. I also love going on walks, exploring with my friends, and doing cool photoshoots. If you see me around don’t hesitate to say hi. I can’t wait to meet you all!



Biomedical Engineering - Junior

Hi everyone! I was born in Alexandria, VA but I grew up in Dubai, U.A.E. You’ll probably find me on the 5th floor of SEH doing work. Otherwise, I'm probably outside looking for good food and fun activities to do. In my free time, which we don’t really have much of, I love cooking, baking, and sightseeing. I am a part of a few different orgs in SEAS and a research lab so, let me know if you have any questions about those! Can't wait to meet you all!



Civil Engineering - Senior

Hey everybody! I’m Marcus, a senior civil engineering student from Queens. When I am not studying, I am usually out on a monument walk, watching Netflix, or hitting the gym. Some of my favorite study spots include SEH and the University Student Center. If you ever want to talk about Star Wars or Marvel movies, I’m your man. I can’t wait to meet y’all in the fall!



Computer Science - Sophomore

I’m from northern New Jersey. I love spending time in the sun, going on hikes, and doing my nails– seriously, they’re always done. My other, less productive passions include petting dogs, taking naps, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and taking frequent snack breaks from studying. You can often find me getting &pizza and looking lost around D.C.– because I probably am. More than ever, I’m excited to meet you all!



Biomedical Engineering - Junior

Hello! My name is Mei and I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. You can find me attempting to do work, on TikTok, or going on walks around D.C.! Boba from Gong-Cha and cupcakes from Baked and Wired are my go-to treats. My favorite thing in the whole world is my quarantine puppy, Schubert. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want a friend to go try new things in D.C. with! Welcome to GW!!



Electrical and Computer Engineering - Senior

I’m from Longmeadow, MA which some call the middle of nowhere but I call home (I mean we’ve got the basketball Hall of Fame about 10 minutes away. C’mon). I have always had a love for cars and skiing and now that I’m in DC with neither of those, I like to take runs around the monuments. I guess you can say I have a need for speed. When I’m not hanging out in my room or with my friends you can probably catch me in the SEH shopping online, watching YouTube, and eating Deli while pretending to study until 11pm when reality finally kicks in.



Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from Dubai, UAE and love all the sun I can get! I haven’t been on campus as yet, but I am sure you can find me in the SEH or at Gelbucks. I can talk endlessly about music and tennis! If you’re ever feeling homesick or annoyed or want to talk about anything at all, feel free to reach out to me! I am looking forward to meeting you all in the fall!



Mechanical Engineer - Sophomore

I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and live for Seahawks Football! I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at 17, and enjoyed many interesting experiences over the past five years. I enjoy weightlifting, competitive bodybuilding, and spending time outside. I live in Northern Virginia, but love going into the city to enjoy the monuments, restaurants, and history. I can’t wait to meet everybody in person this Fall!



Systems Engineering - Senior

I'm from a small town in New Jersey and I spend my free time taking walks along the National Mall and exploring DC to find new places to eat. You can most likely find me sitting with a coffee in SEH. I am most passionate about playing the saxophone in band, spending time with friends, and my involvement in SEAS. If any of those interest you, then I'm your go-to person!



Mechanical Engineering - Junior

Greetings from Saudi Arabia! Which is ~13 hours away flying if you want to visit:) I love exploring new things. My hobbies span multiple dimensions, from watching all sports (except American football), xbox gaming, anime, playing soccer, poetry, finding a new online course, desert camping, and the list is always expanding :) You might see me at different GW clubs, cooking, or casually being lost in DC. Don’t hesitate to say hi if you see me around.



Mechanical Engineer - Junior

My name is Yazan, but I usually go by Yaz. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up going on field trips and visiting family in DC. For the longest time, I have had all the signs of soccer fever: I enjoy playing soccer, watching soccer, and playing FIFA. I also occasionally play tennis, but I could definitely use some serving lessons. One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike through the city. I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Become a SEASSPAN Mentor

Each year SEASSPAN recruits, selects, and trains new peer mentors for the upcoming year. The recruitment process begins late in the fall semester and includes an application and an interview.

Please view the eligibility requirements for SEASSPAN (see attached PDF for eligibility requirements) to apply to be a SEASSPAN mentor and click here to begin the application.

Note: once you begin the application, you will not be able to save your progress so we suggest you answer the following questions in a separate document prior to starting your application so you do not lose your progress.

If you have any questions about SEASSPAN, please email [email protected].