Operating and Distributed Systems

Tim Wood standing in the server room

Operating and Distributed Systems

Computer systems research at GW spans from designing clean-slate operating systems to building next generation wireless systems. Our work in this area tries to answer questions such as:

  • How can we enable a trustworthy software infrastructure for physical systems like autonomous vehicles?
  • How can we make cloud data centers resilient to natural disasters and cyber attacks?
  • How can we design new operating system primitives to support both high scalability and strong timeliness guarantees?


Research Highlights

Professors Gabriel Parmer and Timothy Wood
Professors Gabriel Parmer and Timothy Wood are working together to build the software systems needed to support the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) applications of tomorrow. From mobile phones to autonomous cars to augmented reality headsets, many emerging applications require strict performance guarantees, strong security, and efficient resource utilization. Yet today’s operating systems and networking infrastructures can’t provide the necessary isolation, efficiency, and predictability. 

Professor Gabriel Parmer’s work on the composite operating system lays the foundation for the team’s work by providing a low-latency, secure, and reliable platform that can scale from microcontrollers to high-powered cloud servers. By combining this work with Professor Tim Wood’s research into high performance networking software, the team hopes to build a distributed systems infrastructure that can meet the demands of the most stringent future applications.


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