Notes on Courses Offered for CS minors

Fall 2023


For help with classes requiring department permission, or if students believe their previous education qualifies them for a prerequisite override, or if students have any other issues requiring department permission, visit the Course Registration Information page.

CS Elective Courses for Minors

In addition to the four required CS courses, see minor requirements, students need two CS elective courses that have CSCI 2113 in the pre-requisite chain. In Fall 2023, the following courses satisfy this requirement.

Course No.

Course Title


CSCI 4331


One of the following: CSCI 2312, CSCI 3212, CSCI 3313, MATH 2971

CSCI 4342

Computational Linear Algebra and Applications

CSCI 2113

CSCI 4364

Machine Learning

CSCI 3212; and CSCI 3362 or CSCI 4341 or CSCI 6362 or APSC 3115
or DNSC 2001 or STAT 4157 and CSCI 4342 or EMSE 2705
or MATH 2184 or MATH 2185.

CSCI 4431

Computer Networks I

CSCI 2113 and CSCI 2461. Students who have taken CSCI 2460 but not CSCI 2461 may request department permission (see above)

CSCI 4454

Augmented and Virtual Reality

CSCI 2113

CSCI 4455

Computer Game Design and Programming

CSCI 2113

CSCI 4531

Computer Security

CSCI 3411 Students who have taken CSCI 2113 but not CSCI 3411 may approach the department for permission (see above)  

CSCI 4541

Network Security

CSCI 4531

CSCI 4907

Big Data & Analytics

CSCI 2113

CSCI 6555 Computer Animation CSCI 4554 and Dept Approval