Introducing Students From Across GW to Careers in Cybersecurity

November 29, 2023

Attendees of the event on Nov. 3 discussing

Cybersecurity experts across the GW community work to develop new approaches to safeguard cybersecurity loopholes before they can be exploited. On November 3, 2023, the Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute (CSPRI), alongside GW Engineering’s Computer Science Department, organized a Cybersecurity Pathways Information Session for students interested in joining this effort through a career in cybersecurity.

Career panel giving advice to attendees

The event introduced students from across GW to the various opportunities available to them in cybersecurity. It covered career options and the various degree programs available to both CS students and those wishing to transition to cybersecurity from other specialties. In a panel discussion, guest speakers Joseph Matthews, Naval Research Laboratory, and Brian Schmanske, Central Intelligence Agency (Ret.), informed students of career opportunities in cybersecurity in the government.

To help them transition to careers in cybersecurity, GW Engineering Career Services gave a presentation describing the support interested students can receive in their search for internships and jobs. Students also learned about the new GW Bridge to Cybersecurity Program and the long-running GW CyberCorps scholarships that can help support them in their studies.  The event was well attended, with over 30 students across multiple schools joining the discussion.

“Students attending this information session learned of the many pathways to cybersecurity careers available to them at GW and the types of opportunities that await them upon graduation. They also learned where to find help in navigating these pathways and opportunities,” said CS Assistant Professor Arkady Yerukhimovich.

Since its inception, CSPRI has been instrumental in making GW a national and regional leader in cybersecurity and privacy. It provides a framework for centralized coordination in both education and research across schools, programs, and departments and serves as a nexus for partnerships with government, technology firms, and defense industries.