Poorvi Vora

poorvi vora

Poorvi Vora



Email: Poorvi Vora
Office Phone: 202-994-1864
SEH 4610

Professor Poorvi Vora and her research group conduct research on problems in the general areas of electronic security and privacy. Their recent work has been in the area of statistical election audits, where they were able to significantly decrease the number of sampled ballots needed in a ballot polling election audit, for the same error measures. Earlier work includes research on end-to-end-verifiable (E2E-V) voting systems, which enable voters in an election to audit outcomes without requiring them to rely on the trustworthiness of election technology or individual participants. The group has also worked on cryptanalysis of symmetric-key ciphers, and on game-theoretic models of privacy. Past contributions due to Professor Vora in the general area of imaging include the Vora value as a measure of color filter fidelity.

  • Ph.D., N.C. State, 1993
  • M.S., Cornell, 1990
  • M.S., N.C. State, 1988
  • B. Tech., IIT Bombay, 1986
  • Computer science
  • Computer security and information assurance
  • Medical imaging