Professor Yasemin Acar is a PI on a multi-university NSF Frontiers grant focused on open source supply chain security

November 28, 2022

Yasemin Acar

Professor Yasemin Acar is a PI on the multi-university NSF Frontiers grant Enabling a Secure and Trustworthy Software Supply Chain. Led by North Carolina State University, this $6.4M collaborative research will focus on open source supply chain security. All modern software includes open source software, and there is a high risk of malicious, criminal manipulation.  This Frontiers project establishes the Secure Software Supply Chain Center (S3C2), a large-scale, multi-institution effort designed to aid the software industry to re-establish trust in the software supply chain through the development of scientific principles, synergistic tools, metrics, and models in the context of human behavior among software supply chain stakeholders. The project’s novelties include the contributions to a diverse workforce that is trained in secure software supply chain methods through research and outreach initiatives, including summer research experiences for undergraduates (REU), summer camps, and the development of course modules for undergraduates, graduate students, and practitioners. The project’s broader significance and importance are the ways in which S3C2 will facilitate rapid innovation with increased confidence in software supply chain security. Team members include North Carolina State University, Carnegie Mellon University, The George Washington University and the University of Maryland College Park.